Salmon filets on a cedar plank

As much as I enjoy spending an entire day by the BBQ watching and smelling its actions, sometimes it is good that dinner wont take 5 hours on the grill.

Today we had had salmon on a cedar plank. And it is a great way of doing salmon if you ask me. Its quick, and very little to clan up.




1. Soaked the plank in water for 30+ minutes. Next time I will try to soak it in wine or something else that will give it a wonderful flavor.

2. Cranked the BBQ to roughly 450 F and let the plank sit on the indirect side of the grill till it was all nice and pink in the center.

3. We had some fresh cilantro and some parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.

We served it with my one of my favourites i this world. Grated carrots in yellow jelly! My grandmother used to make me this all the time when i was a young lad, and I still love it! And it reminds me of grandma every time I eat it. Also threw on some zucchini on a skewer and heated some fishcakes for my son who doesn´t really like fish when it looks all fishy.




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